All About Peonies

We’re currently in the midst of peony season, which blooms from mid-spring to early summer. We think peony season is the perfect time to learn a little more about these beautiful flowers and why they are the ideal flower to send to someone to make their day. Some of our facts may just surprise you!

What Are Peonies?

Peonies, also known by their botanical name, Paeonia, are classified under the herbaceous perennial group. Peonies are incredibly distinctive and attractive because of their large flower heads filled entirely with soft petals. In some cases, the flowerheads reach ten inches in diameter, the bowl-shaped effect of the flowerhead makes them one of the most popular and beautiful flowers perfect in gardens and bouquets. Famously Marco Polo described peonies as ‘roses as big as cabbages’.

In some cases, peonies may produce a double flower giving an even greater bloom, while peonies come in many colours, they are perhaps most well-known for soft pinks, burgundy reds and crisp white flowers.

The name Peony comes from a physician in ancient Greece, Paeon. Peonies have been used for any years across the world and have been an addition to many gardens throughout history.

In 1000BC, peonies were planted in imperial gardens in China and were actually put under imperial protection. With this, peonies were extremely costly, however as time progressed, cultivation of peonies excelled. In China, peonies are still considered a symbol of peace, stability, wealth and luck. They are common in homes and offices to bring good luck and successful business.

In the eighth century, Japan was a primary producer of peonies, more commonly, the tree peony. Due to work involved, Japan is admired for the skill in cultivating peonies and is still a large producer of tree peonies.

In Europe, peonies were grown for their beauty and ornamental value as well as their medicinal value. Europe concentrated on the herbaceous peony plant rather than the tree peony. In the past, peonies were used to treat headaches, reduce the pain of childbirth and to relieve the symptoms of asthma.

The medicinal value of peonies is still being researched to this day with many scientists believing that the compounds found in peonies could be used to create drugs that cure serious illnesses.


Why Peonies Make The Perfect Bouquet

The full flower of the peony with its fine and floaty appearance makes this flower a perfect gift. The frilly and floaty petals tinged in pastel pink colours are the epitome of romance, and the heavenly sweet scent will make hearts melt.

Peonies are also ideal for friends and family. The flower is vibrant and bold in its appearance and considered a healing flower, perfect for wishing someone a speedy recovery. As well as this, peonies are considered a symbol of luck and good fortune, ideal for wishing someone good luck for a new job or venture and perhaps welcoming a new addition to the family.

The large flowers are ideal to send in a bouquet where you can be sure the flowers will make an impact. At Royal Bloom, we sell a bouquet of ten peonies as letterbox flowers. We know that peonies make the perfect statement themselves and their rich, full bloom needs no other foliage or flowers to compensate. Peonies are the perfect flowers to send someone as you can be sure of a beautiful appearance that will be impressive and last.

With our letterbox flowers, the stems arrive in bud so that the receiver will enjoy the elegant flowers in full bloom for as long as possible. This makes it easy to deliver flowers as they will be sent right through their letterbox. The perfect surprise and a wonderful gesture that is waiting on their doormat as they are welcomed home by your kind thoughts.


The Top Ten Fun Peony Facts

  1. Peonies are set to signify wealth, elegance, romance, abundance and honour; the perfect bloom for every bouquet occasion.
  2. While popular as pretty in pink, peonies can come in every other colour other than blue.
  3. The pink flowers are considered the most fragrant and have a much sweeter smell than the burgundy bloom
  4. Peonies are edible. In China, the petals are used in desserts. The petals may also be found in salads and garnishes.
  5. Peonies are considered a ‘perfect flower’ as they can self-pollinate, they have both types of reproductive organs.
  6. It is the official flower used for 12th wedding anniversaries.
  7. As a garden plant, peonies may survive up to 100 years.
  8. The roots of white peonies are used to improve the function of the liver.
  9. Peonies actually like harsh winters, which is why they thrive in the north.
  10. As a shrub, they can grow up to 10 feet tall.

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