Ordering Letterbox Flowers From Royal Bloom


How do postal flowers work?


There is nothing more frustrating than sending flowers and they cannot be delivered because there is no one to accept them. In some rare instances, it can be two or three days before a floristry delivery is successful. This annoyance applies in particular if the delivery is meant to be a surprise, which is supposed to be a lovely gesture, but by the time they receive the flowers, they aren’t at their best.

The act of sending flowers on a special occasion hasn’t lost its lustre. A more recent trend has emerged in the form of letterbox flowers. These are fresh blooms that have been packaged in a box that can be accommodated by the average mailbox. There is, however, a skill to preparing and posting flowers that are ready to bloom and fresh.

Never buy this service from anyone other than an experienced and qualified florist that knows how to deliver a bloom in a box. This type of service is so specialised that a highly-regarded florist will take the necessary care and attention to choose the right flowers in bud for a letterbox flower delivery.


Ordering letterbox flowers?


When placing the order, to avoid potential disappointment, it is wise to ensure that the recipient has a standard or larger letterbox. Letterbox flower boxes are specially designed to fit through openings of this size. Royal Bloom size their boxes to ensure they fit through 98% of letterboxes for peace of mind. Boxes are also specifically designed for purpose so that you can rest assured that the contents will not become damaged in transit.

Letterbox flowers are sent as a bloom in box type package, where the flowers are still usually in bud and are often still in bud when they arrive at their destination. This is to extend longevity and ensure the blooms still are fresh. Consequently, they will remain fresh for longer. The boxes that are used for the transit of blooms in bud are specialised in that they allow the flowers to “breathe” while being transported.


Delivering Letterbox Flowers


The timing of delivery is a critical factor when opting for letterbox flowers. At Royal Bloom we offer next day delivery and first class postage, so you can be sure that your lucky recipient will enjoy the flowers for their whole flowering lifespan.

To save your recipient the hassle of retrieving flowers from a local delivery office or post office, letterbox flowers are ideal. With postal flowers, you can be almost certain that your box of flowers will be waiting on their doorstep to surprise and delight them, without any extra travelling. This service is exactly how you want to treat the flower recipient.


Special Messaging

With bloom in box style flower sending, you can still add a heartfelt special message for your recipient, so none of the charm or surprises is lost. Your recipient will still receive beautiful flowers and an amazing surprise as well as a kind-hearted message direct from you, but they will have the added advantage of guaranteed seven-day freshness of the bloom.

Not only does the recipient enjoy bloom and freshness, but you also appreciate the fact that you do not have to pay expensive delivery fees. At Royal Bloom, our letterbox flowers offer free first class postage as standard so that you can give more for less.


Care Instructions 

Included in the package, you will find instructions and guidelines for care and maintenance. By following these guidelines, your flowers will last longer, and the recipient will really appreciate the gift. You will be advised to do one or all of the following:

  • Take care when removing the product from its packaging.
  • Cut approximately one to two inches off the bottom of the stem.
  • Take care to remove any damaged foliage.
  • Clean your vase before adding the flowers.
  • If the flowers will come with a food sachet. Follow the instructions meticulously.
  • Once the flowers have been arranged, remember to top up with water every couple of days.
  • Flowers last longer if placed out of direct sunlight in a cool place.

Special precautions

If you know the recipient well, then it is likely that you will be aware as to whether they have any pets. Special care should be taken when ordering certain flowers such as lilies as they are very dangerous for cats and many breeds of dog. There is a risk of fatality is the animals can access the package before the owner gets home. If you do not know whether the recipient has pets, it is best to avoid flowers such as lilies and opt for a safe flower choice.

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Bloomin Marvellous!


Sending letterbox flowers is a beautiful gift for anybody on any occasion. Royal Bloom has a huge selection of postal flowers ready for you to order online today.


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