Frequently Asked Questions

Delivery Questions

Where do you deliver?

We currently deliver everywhere mainland United Kingdom & Isle of Mann.

Myself, or my recipient won't be in when they arrive?

At Royal Bloom we deliver flowers throughout the UK. Our letterbox bouquets are guaranteed to fit through the majority of UK letterboxes, however if the letterbox flowers do not fit and the recipient is not at home the delivery driver will leave a card explaining where they have left the flowers and what time they tried to deliver them. If the driver does not feel there is anywhere save to leave the bouquet they will take them back to the shop where they can rearrange the delivery.

We deliver Monday to Saturday, but do not specify a time on delivery however we guarantee that all orders will be delivered by 5pm of the delivery date.

Cupcake  bouquet delivery

Royal Bloom deliver floral cupcakes throughout the UK, our cupcake bouquets are sent using Royal Mail Tracked24 which means the recipient will receive their flowers the very next day! The recipient will need to be in to receive their floral cupcake flowers as they do not fit through the letterbox, however if no one is able to be in for the delivery the delivery driver will leave the box in a safe place and leave a card explaining where they have left it .If for any reason the delivery driver feels there is no where safe to leave the floral cupcake they will take it back to the shop and rearrange a delivery.

We deliver Tuesday to Saturday but do not specify a time it will be delivered, however we guarantee that all orders will be delivered by 5pm of the delivery date.

  • Due to special occasions we will deliver valentines day (if falls on a Sunday) mother day and any other special occasions.
Do your letterbox flowers fit through the letterbox?

Yes! Our packaging is made to fit through the majority of letterboxes within the UK.


18.5cm wide

61cm long

3.8cm deep

How much does delivery cost?

We currently offer UK Wide delivery including the Isle of Mann & Northern Ireland completely free of charge with a 94% chance of it delivering on your selected date.

UK (inc. Northern Ireland & Isle of Mann)
Royal Mail Free
What days do you deliver?

We offer a delivery service between Tuesday and Saturday. You might find it strange that we don’t deliver on Mondays but their is a good reason for this! We only use fresh flowers, and with delivery companies not being able to do a collection on Sunday this means we would have to leave the flowers in transit for nearly 48 hours before they get to you… and nobody wants that do they?! We send our flowers by a tracked 24 service through Royal Mail so they have a 94% chance of arriving the next day.

Subscription Questions

Can i change the delivery date?

Of course, no problem at all! you can pause, stop, switch or change your subscription and its delivery dates whenever you like. Just pop on our live chat or give us a call on 0800 699 0037.

Can i change the delivery address?

No problem at all, just login to your account and change the delivery address on there. If not, you can call us on 0800 699 0037 or speak to us on our live chat. Our friendly support team will be there to help!

When do you take payments?

We take your payment each month on the date that you setup your subscription. We will then deliver your flowers each month on the delivery date that you have set when you first make a flower purchase whether this is monthly or weekly.

How do i cancel my subscription?

Not that you will want to… but if you need to, you can simply go to your account and click “cancel” on the subscription page, its that easy. Alternatively you can ring our team or talk to our live chat and we can sort it for you no questions asked.

What is a flower subscription?

Our flower subscriptions are beautiful. Our florists gain a fresh selection of blooms every week ready to go out to our customers. Whether you pick a weekly or monthly subscription each duration you will be presented with a different seasonal bouquet to brighten up your home, office or that of your recipient. We guarantee you will love our flowers and want to keep them coming for the foreseeable.

Ordering Questions

Do you offer gift cards?

We sure do. All of our bouquets come with the option for a gift message. We also offer a gift card for people who purchase a subscription so they can give this service to any recipient as a present! Just select the Gift Card option at the checkout and we will send you a printable gift card for your usage.

Are your flowers pet safe?

This question is great. We don’t recommend to anybody that you send flowers which contain lillies to anybody who owns a feline companion as they are highly toxic to them. We do however have the option for you to select “No lilies” on your order so you can rest assured if the recipient has a feline they will not be harmed by our blooms.

We know that is is not often that a pet has access to flowers or the ability to eat them but we do recommend that no flower is ingested as it still may not be great for them or their stomach.

Can i choose my own flowers?

Unfortunately not. We make floristry easy for everybody by sending you the perfect bouquet based on the season. We do this because it allows us to select the freshest blooms relevant to the season and ensure you are getting nothing but the highest quality flowers at the best prices available whether it is a single bouquet or subscription.

Can i send flowers to my clients?

Of course you can, we very much recommend it as it allows you to reengage with them! We have a dedicated corporate team on hand ready to deal with business related enquiries and we even have the ability to brand the flower boxes we send out to your companies branding. Get in contact with us at [email protected] or visit our “Corporate Flowers” page to sign up today.

Can i order multiple bouquets?

You sure can, whether it is for you or for clients.

If you are looking to order a large quantity of bouquets for business then please get in contact with us at [email protected] where we can assess your needs and offer discounts based on the quantities ordered.

Flower Care Questions

Hot weather care

Flowers which are in a higher heat area require more care. Cut around 3-5cm off each stem at a 45 degree angle and place them in fresh water with the flower food as quickly as possible.

Please also remember to change the water on the flowers every couple of days and try your hardest to keep them out of direct sunlight.

I would like to give feedback

Of course! we value all feedback, good or bad (not that we want it to be bad)! But it helps us grow as a company. If you have good feedback, great! leave us a review on either Google or one of our social media platforms. If your review is negative, please get in contact with us either by phone, live chat, or by email on [email protected]. We will always be on hand to ensure your experience is positive and correct any issues you may have.

My flowers are all closed

Don’t worry about this. Your flowers may not look as full and flourished straight away as they really are the freshest of fresh. Our flowers may come tightly budded due to them still being in the bloom process however, when you place them in water and add the flower food, we know they will soon bloom out and look like the beautiful bouquet we have sent you. Think of it as, you get to enjoy your flowers for much longer than you usually would from your average florist!

What do i do if my flowers look droopy?

Don’t worry about this at all! flowers rely on water to support their stems. As soon as you place your blooms in a vase or water and add the flower food they will soon return to their full glory and look as beautiful as ever.

Remember to trim your stems 3-5cm at a 45 degree angle to allow them to drink as well as possible.

How long do your flowers last?

Our flowers are designed to last up to 7 days however if they are correctly looked after you could easily see 10-14 days from them no problem at all! You can find out how best to look after your blooms by looking at our “Flower Care Guides”.